MicroPigmentation Spa - Permanent MakeUp Services in Mississauga and Toronto MicroPigmentation Spa - Permanent MakeUp Services in Mississauga and Toronto

P e r m a n e n t   M a k e - U p

Permanent make‑up can help in enhancing features of the face, mostly eyebrows, eyes and lips by the use of colours. It can help you to achieve your desired look based on what can best compliment your skin tone and texture. Permanent eyeliner can be applied accurately, eyebrows can be drawn to perfectly blend with your existing hair and to magnificently frame your eyes and face, lips can be lined and even extended or completely coloured if you feel they are too pale.

It really takes the eye of an artist to understand the face, to be able to place features correctly, match colours to your skin type and hair colour, as well as provide proper placement, colour choices and adjustments if need be. Permanent make‑up is meant to enhance your natural features and not to take over your face, and it has to be layered a couple of times to create the desired result.

After the procedures, the colour will appear about 15‑40 % darker for the first couple of weeks. A month after the procedure, the permanent make-up would have healed and the placement and colour can be evaluated. On your return, the shape and colour can be adjusted should there be any need for it.

Enhancing eyebrows, eyeliners and lips with cosmetic tattoo services in Toronto.

Enhancing eyebrows, eyeliners and lips with cosmetic tattoo services in Mississauga.

Enhancing eyebrows, eyeliners and lips with cosmetic tattoo services in GTA.

Enhancing eyebrows, eyeliners and lips with cosmetic tattoo services.

E y e b r o w s

Eyebrows are the most distinctive feature of the face. They structure the face, accentuate the eyes, and put emphasis on one's expression. If your eyebrows are too light, you have a space in your eyebrows caused by a scar or they are even nonexistent, by making use of micro‑pigmentation you can eliminate the need for regular make‑up without having to bother applying it or re‑applying during the day. Depending on the shape of one’s face and framework, micro‑pigmentation can be used to completely restructure brows in the absence of hair or replace eyebrow that have lost their fullness as a result of age or loss of hair, making them appear fuller with a soft shadow or hair strokes or adding them defining tones.

E y e l i n e r

The definition around our eyes are lost as we grow older, causing them to look dull and tired. By simply having permanent eyeliner applied is an illustration of how something very small can have a huge visual impact on the face. Permanent eyeliner can be applied in various colours and styles ranging from a natural, soft lash‑enrichment or smudged look to a specified liner, or eyeliner with shadow. The thickness and colour of the line can be customized according to individual’s requirements. Permanent make‑up eliminates the smudging and running of eyeliners purchased from store permanently. It provides definition to the eye making the lashes appear thicker and likewise, it eliminates dull and tired look.

L i p s

Lip liner and lip colour are the most often requested lip procedures. Full lip colour gives a sleek, natural colour to the lips and also shapes them. It ought to look natural and not fake. Natural lip lines can be adjusted for asymmetries in colour or shape including size. Lip liner can highlight the lips by producing a more clear‑cut lip shape, improving the richness and adding more shade to the lips. People battling with indefinite lip shape, pale lips, bumpy lips or lips that have already lost shape due to injury or cold sores can benefit from this treatment. It is important to note that clients having a lip procedure done may need a prescription should they ever had fever/cold sores herpes/blisters on or around their lips.

B e a u t y   M a r k

A beauty mark is a timeless symbol of appealing elegance. It is a feature that adds style and class to the face. They have been loved by men and desired by women for their unique and exceptional nature. Before permanent make‑up someone had to be very lucky to be born with beauty mark. But today with the help of permanent make‑up anyone can have this iconic symbol of beauty.